Lady Gaga Up For Role In Guardians of the Galaxy 3?


When it comes to superhero movies there is never a shortage of news whether it be legit or made up. Rumors are part of the business and a new rumor suggests that Lady Gaga is being eyed by Marvel Studios for a role in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. The rumor comes from Twitter account Film Updates and it indicates Marvel wants Gaga for the role of Lylla. In the comics Lylla is Rockets love interest and soulmate. She is the heiress to the largest toymaking empire Mayhem Mekaniks.

Now I’ve never heard of this account but I did see that TMZ picked up the story and so have a couple other news outlets. This also isn’t the first time Lylla has been mentioned. Back in May on Twitter, Marvel scooper Roger Wardell posted some details about Guardians 3 including that Lylla would be involved as would High Evolutionary.

It’s possible that this site saw what Roger posted and is trying to build off the Cooper/Gaga romance rumors. I for one think Gaga is a terrific actress who has never been hotter and of course Marvel would wanted to capitalize on her at this time.

Hopefully we get confirmation soon but let us know what you think about Lady Gaga possibly playing as Lylla in Guardians Vol 3.