Lake Mungo: Horror in Mourning

“I feel like something bad is going to happen to me. I feel like something bad has happened. It hasn’t reached me yet but it’s on its way.” -Alice Palmer

Alice is dead. Drowned. She hadn’t been the same since a trip with her friends to Lake Mungo. Alice had lost her phone. Now, after a family outing, she’s dead.

Her mother is in denial. Her father blames himself. Her brother has buried himself in work. The house is quiet, but not at rest…

Lake Mungo is a dramatic horror film from 2008. It was made in the style of a faux-documentary, less of a found footage movie and more akin to The Last Broadcast, though there is found footage shown. Written and Directed by first time film maker Joel Anderson, the movie was part of the Eight Films To Die For or After Dark Horror Fest.

While found footage may have out stayed its welcome, Lake Mungo, with its refine docu-style is a refreshing take on the subgenre even today. Instead of jump scares and shakey-cam, it has long steady shots that allow you to focus in on the picture and a long winding story of this girl’s life, death, and aftermath. It’s an ice-cold skeletal hand inching up your back to rest on your shoulder till the story is concluded, then 2 creep back up.

Lake Mungo is truly a film, a piece of art. It’s not your typical “put it on and grope your lover” kind of fair. This is a “get your college professor and fellow students together” kind of event! Absolutely one of the best, even top 10, horror movies this side of 2000.