Legion’s Noah Hawley Once Wanted to Develop an Alien Miniseries But Was Denied


Noah Hawley is the man behind such successes as the television adaptation of the movie Fargo and FX’s Legion, which will end after its third season. While it seems that, with these two well-received projects; that Hawley would simply be given freedom to create whatever he wanted, it seems that FX, at one point; denied his vision to make an Alien miniseries. According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox Film chief Stacey Snider was the one who shut down Hawley’s proposal, as well as denying a project from The Omen franchise, though; it was not detailed what that was.

While Disney now technically acquired the rights to the Alien franchise and you may think they wouldn’t greenlight a project that has so much violence in it, you never know. Snider is no longer in a position to deny Hawley, so maybe there is a chance that Hawley could get this opportunity.

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Source: CB