LEGO Batman Movie is Getting a Sequel!

Everything is awesome!

The LEGO Movie not only was a fantastic movie, but spawned off The LEGO Batman movie, which received a huge amount of praise. Even to the point, where some were claiming it was the best Batman movie they’ve ever seen. You can look that up, those comments are true.

While we’re getting another LEGO movie, what about a LEGO Batman centered one? One Twitter user decided to ask director Chris McKay this very question, which he responded to!

As you can see in the tweet, McKay has stated they’re actually working on a LEGO Batman sequel! That is definitely something to sing “everything is awesome” about! And of course, it wouldn’t be a LEGO movie without the rendition of the Dark Knight, which is a hilarious and satirical adaptation of the well-known DC superhero.

Are you excited for a sequel to the LEGO Batman movie? The sequel to the original LEGO movie hits theaters February 8, 2019.