Lobster Johnson Is Revealed In New ‘HELLBOY’ Clip

You may remember that when the Hellboy project was being discussed there were mentions of the Lobster Johnson character being part of the story. At the time it was being rumored that Thomas Hayden Church would be playing the character. This was mainly due to an early listing on IMDb. Now the folks at Lionsgate have released an all-new clip (via JoBlo) where the classic Hellboy character makes his live-action debut.

In the clip ( as seen above), Lobster Johnson can be seen burning his signature claw mark in the head of Rasputin. Remember this is an R-rated clip and is quite violent. Do you approve of the appearance of Lobster Johnson? Does the included clip make you more inclined to watch Hellboy or less? Share your intentions with us at GVNation.

Source: ComicBook