‘Lucifer’ Is Back, Now On Netflix


Today May 8th, 2019 marks the return of the beast. No really, ‘Lucifer’ is back with season four but this time on Netflix. After Fox cancelled the devilishly good show in May of 2018, fans of Mr. Morningstar were distraught to say the least. A month later, like an angel, the streaming giant gifted new life into the Lord of Lies by way of a 10 episode season without the restrictions of network television.

What to expect

The first immediate difference will be that the entire season will be available today like other shows on Netflix. No more waiting a week.

In an interview with The Wrap, ‘Lucifer’ star, Tom Ellis explains what is and isn’t going to change:

“Well, we had to be a bit careful, ’cause even though we’ve got new boundaries that we can work in, we didn’t want to change the show so much, because I think one of the reasons the show really worked and had such a broad appeal to people was that it didn’t get vulgar, it didn’t push it too far in certain departments. That being said, we do sort of push it a little bit more than we were allowed to on Fox. For example, you may see a bit more flesh this year, certainly Lucifer’s, than you have in previous seasons. You may hear the odd word that you wouldn’t have heard before.”

If you’re afraid of change don’t fret, Ellis continues:

“… the show ultimately is a pretty similar show to what we had on Fox. I mean, that’s what Netflix wanted and it seems to be what everyone fell in love with in the first place.”

He’s right and I am excited to how this season unfolds. Let us know how you feel in the comments or on Twitter.