Major Plot Details For Wonder Woman 1984 Revealed

Since it was announced that Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman 1984 was being pushed back to 2020, most details about the film have been somewhat hard to come by. We know that Kristen Wiig will be Cheetah. Chris Pine will return as Steve Trevor. Presumably, Maxwell Lord is said to appear with Pedro Pascal in that role.

While the who has been suggested, the why has been lacking, at least til now. That Hashtag Show has recently revealed some of the films plot to fill in the some of the whys. (This is where the possible Spoilers come in).

According to them, the film will be set during the Cold War with Diana tracking down a Russian spy. Unlike the scenario in Batman vs. Superman, it is known that Wonder Woman is a super-hero. This is opposed to her life of secrecy she apparently lead in the BvS film.

In addition, according to their sources, Maxwell Lord is a Meta-Human who gains his powers during an alien invasion. Those powers include the ability of granting wishes. But not without a serious cost. This is how Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva becomes Cheetah. Her problem is she can’t control the bestial side of the transformation after time.

It is also how Steve Trevor returns. But to what End? Another part of the story is said to involve the aforementioned Maxwell Lord having the ability to transfer his soul. In this case, into Steve Trevor. What the ramifications are for this deed haven’t been revealed thus far. Does this sound like a Wonder Woman film you want to see? If these plot points are true, I want to see them. Share your thoughts with GVNation.

Source: That Hashtag Show