Marc Guggenheim Talks Arrowverse Female-Centered Crossover Episode

Yesterday, we reported that several women from CW’s Arrowverse expressed interest in a female-centered crossover. While they were some who wanted to point out that Iris’s bachelorette party on The Flash constituted as one, well…no. This was not a crossover, simply other female characters coming in to celebrate the engagement of Iris and Barry. We are talking about a real crossover, where our female heroines team up to fight against evil while the male superheroes…I don’t know, play darts or something.

One of our sites’ administrators, Juwaan Carter; commented that a great way to make this epic mash-up happen was to follow a similar plotline to Justice League, where all the men disappeared and the women had to save the day. In case you’re wanting to watch, the episode is a two-parter called “Fury’, making up the fourteenth and fifteenth episodes of the show.









Responding to Juwaan was Marc Guggenheim himself, the man behind CW’s Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. In the tweet, he explains how he and Beth Schwartz, Arrow’s Showrunner; were discussing ideas how to make this idea become a reality. He also praised Juwaan’s idea and spoke highly of Schwartz’s contributions to the show. I’m trying not to get too excited here, but it would be pretty cool if GVN had something to do with the direction of an all-female crossover episode. I can dream, right?