Marvel Movies May Return to Netflix After 2026


Things have been interesting between Netflix and Disney ever since the streaming app Disney+ became a reality. Not only will all the Disney owned properties be pulled from Netflix, such as every Marvel and Star Wars related movie. And we, of course, have seen the fallout with Netflix axing all of their Marvel series, even though Jessica Jones season three is still being released later this month.

According to, there is still a deal in place that will see the return of the Marvel movies to Netflix in 2026. Originally, movies from 2016 to 2018 had exclusivity on Netflix, but Captain Marvel will be the first to make its introduction to the Disney+ app with the others jumping on board. With movies then returning to Netflix after 2026, they will be removed from Disney+. Which, will be confusing and probably bring up a slew of problems just as this whole thing is doing right now. We have some years for that to be all figured out, but figure it out I hope they do.

What do you think of this loophole in the contract?

Source: CB