Marvel’s Agents of Shield: Season 6, Episode 5 – ‘The Other Thing’


When we last left Marvel’s Agents of Shield, we witnessed a brief FitzSimmons reunion, only to have it snatched away. Fitz was grabbed by a hunter Chronicom just as they saw each other. That was cruel. May was captured by Sarge and hauled away in his semi. Meanwhile, Yo-Yo had to kill Keller to keep the alien parasite that had infected him from destroying the base. That was a lot to digest. In Episode 5, we get some answers but just as many questions. So let’s analyze what we learned in “The Other Thing.”

I have made it no secret that I was a giant “shipper” of the “Philinda” relationship. In this episode, we got glimpses of their time on Tahiti before he passed. This took the form of Melinda flashbacks interspersed with the present-day interactions between her and Sarge. 

The Other Thing

For Sarge’s part, he begins to realize that May’s fascination with him is tied to the other version of him. After witnessing her violent tendencies, Sarge initially believes that May must have killed Coulson. He soon realizes however it must be “the other thing.” This, of course, is the source of the episode’s title. Sarge deduces that if May’s connection to Coulson wasn’t about death, then it must have been about love. With that knowledge, Sarge believes that he can use it to turn May to his side. 

He shows her what they’re up against when he locks her in a room with another parasite infested person. She realizes that he won’t go down using her normal deadly fighting skills. Nor does a bullet in the head do the job. She realizes what must be done and she plunges one of Sarge’s knives into the man, killing the parasite. After re-entering the room, Sarge explains the bat-like parasites are called “Shrikes.” He and his crew have been traveling from world to world hunting them down. Their goal is to try to stop them from destroying universes. Unfortunately, to this point, they haven’t succeeded. 

With each destination, their purpose is to hunt down everything that their scanning devices show doesn’t belong there. This is done with the assumption that they must be Shrikes. This process explains why they pursued Deke. Although they correctly discerned that he was from another world or time, he wasn’t a Shrike.

Analyzing the Shrikes

Back at the lab, Benson is performing Keller’s autopsy. After Benson analyzes their molecular structure, Yo-Yo believes it resembles the molecules of the monoliths. Having researched the monoliths in his study of Shield’s past cases, Benson hypothesized that the parasites might have power over life and death. This would resemble the way the monoliths controlled space and time. 

Benson also attempts to console Yo-Yo over Keller’s death. He did this by telling her about when he pulled the plug on his catatonic husband. He says it was the hardest decision of his life, but also the right choice and so was her choice to end Keller’s life. 

After their conversation, Benson goes to Mack and asks for a Quinn jet. He tells him he wants to head to South America to search for more answers about the Shrikes and the monoliths. This is based on the word Pachacuti that the man frozen in the wall used to refer to the coming Shrike-apocalypse. 

May Turns the Tables

Meanwhile, after Sarge believes he has convinced May of his mission, she shows him otherwise. After taking out the unstable Snowflake, she starts choking Sarge out as he sits in the driver’s seat. While this fight is happening, we see how the stay on Tahiti ended — by May helping Coulson achieve a peaceful death, placing his hand on his lap. Once she finally gets the drop on Sarge, she knocks him out, handcuffs him, placing his hand in his lap. She then heads back to base with Sarge and Butterfly in tow.

Back to our other team out in space, Enoch’s fellow Chronicoms inform him, Daisy, and Simmons that their homeworld has been destroyed. They are holding Fitz hostage because the Chronicoms want to know how the SHIELD agents traveled in time. Their purpose is go back in time to avert their planet’s destruction. They threaten to kill Fitz and then his friends in their effort to find out their method of time travel.

Simmons strikes a deal with the aliens: If they let Daisy and the others go, she and Fitz will help them figure out time travel. They agree but at the last minute, Enoch sneaks into Fitz’s cell and unleashes some kind of gas. He falls unconscious as Enoch watches.

As we return to Earth, the Zephyr has returned with Daisy and crew, minus Fitz and Jemma. At the same time, it is reported that May is returning with Sarge and Butterfly in custody. Daisy doesn’t know about all that has happened so Davis, Piper, and her have some catching up to do. 

So what did we learn?

We learned that Sarge and crew are apparently on a mission to stop the Shrikes. Til this point they have been unsuccessful in stopping the infestations. Sarge believes if he can kill the source, the creator, he can stop the infiltration once and for all. He describes him as a monster  who is he? Time will tell.

There is apparently more of a connection between Coulson and Sarge than just their face. A couple of times in the episode Sarge used a phrase that Coulson also spoke to Melinda in the end. He significance of this is yet to be revealed. But it was not done in a vacuum. It means something. But what?

The highlight of this episode were the scenes between Melinda and Phil in Tahiti. It was nice to see their final moments together, while also shedding some light on the similarities between Phil and Sarge. What else will we learn as we reach the half-way point of the season?

For those of you who have watched Agents of Shield, how have you liked what the have done as they reach the mid-point? Share your thoughts with us at GVNation.