Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 6: Episode 6, ‘Inescapable’


As Episode 5 ended, we had Jemma making a deal to stay and help Fitz solve the time travel puzzle to assist the Chronicoms. She accepted this knowing that her friends would be safe and she would be with Fitz. That was the plan. As Episode 6 starts, she got what she wanted….in a manner of speaking. So let’s see what we learned in Inescapable.


Fitz and Simmons reunite — sort of — as Atarah has the pair mentally linked together. She does this in an attempt to create a single brain trust to find a way to recreate time travel. It is all part of Atarah plans to go back in time and save the Chronicom homeworld from destruction. Enoch for his part, warns that while this process has been used with two Chronicoms in the past, it is dangerous and unethical to attempt with humans.

Because of his time spent observing and interacting with humans, Enoch warns that they are emotionally complex. It is his concern that giving Fitz and Simmons full access to one another’s minds and emotions may lead to madness. The human mind is not designed for that kind of intimacy of shared feelings. This falls on deaf ears as Atarah is unconcerned with their mental well-being, Enoch also points out that if their minds are broken, then they will not be able to find a solution to Atarah’s problem.

Catching Up

While in their link, Fitz and Simmons are trapped in what amounts to a mental prison cell.  Part of that link allows them to conjure whatever tools they need to assist them. However, instead of  working on their assigned task, the couple settles in on a couch and catches up on what has happened since Fitz went into cryostasis. Fitz once again (unbeknownst to him) proposes to Simmons, who says that yes, she will marry him. While she is telling him some of what happened, there are some things that Simmons isn’t telling Fitz. As he realizes this, he gets upset. Perhaps part of what she isn’t sharing with him proves to be important to unlock the secret of time travel? As he pushes her for more information, Simmons regresses to a little girl and scurries away from Fitz.

The Child Within

Still in pursuit of what Jemma knows, Fitz follows Simmons to her childhood bedroom. The two continue to argue, with Simmons refusing to share what she’s afraid of. She tells him that her music box on her dresser is where her father told her to lock away all of her negative feelings. Feelings like anger and fear. The young Simmons convinces Fitz to read her a story, which is an illustrated version of their own story. In the book, Fitz is playing the part of the Prince. After looking at the book for a moment, Fitz checks the book’s cover to find the name of the story. He sees the Darkhold rune stamped on the front. This was the evil book that Aida used and that Robbie Reyes ( The Ghost Rider) took with him into another dimension to dispose of.

Facing Mortalilty

Back in the cell, Fitz attempts to get Atarah to change Simmons back, but she explains that Jemma has done this to herself and only she can undo it. Fitz, upon hearing this, decides to coax Jemma out by  mentioning that if she won’t help him, maybe he’ll conjure AIDA. Simmons returns to herself and questions why Fitz would even think of bringing back AIDA. He asks her what she’s so afraid of. No sooner than he asked the question, Mack appears looking upset. Jemma knows what’s coming and tells Fitz she didn’t want him to find out this way.

Intrigued, Fitz decides to follow Mack, with Simmons following behind him. Fitz observes as the SHIELD team gathers to receive his corpse. It is during this journey into Jemma’s memory that Fitz learns of his death, and that he and Simmons were previously married. In addition, he discovers that Coulson was sick and had died. Coulson drags himself from his sick bed to see Fitz. He comes over to comfort Simmons and tells her to get to work finding Fitz.

Confronting the Dark Side

Next, Simmons sees Yo-Yo and May discussing Mack. They talk about how Mack is pushing himself too hard as director. Apparently, this is not a memory she had. Instead, it appears to be her subconscious telling her where next to go. This brings them to their shared memory of when Jemma first met Fitz. Simmons tells Fitz that perhaps he is pushing himself too hard. She fears that he may be on the verge of cracking. Upon hearing this, Fitz’s darkest part of himself, Leopold from the framework appears. As he approaches, the pair run back into Simmons’s childhood bedroom. After they enter, the music box where Jemma keeps her darkest emotions shakes and crashes to the floor. From the broken pieces arises a demon that resembles Jemma. It is made of Simmons’s suppressed negativity.

We’re Not Alone

The Jemma-Demon attacks Fitz, driving the pair from the bedroom. This time they arrive into their shared memory of the first time they met Coulson and were recruited to his SHIELD field team. Simmons, for her part, was inspired by Coulson and ready to join the team. Fitz had his doubts, saying that was the moment that started things going bad for them. Simmons disagrees with his assessment, and in the ensuing argument, they are separated.

After their separation, Jemma is captured by Leopold while the Jemma-Demon catches Fitz. As they are tortured by the other’s dark side they both come to the realization that all of this is in their heads. They also realize that not only do they have one another to rely upon, but they also have their friends. With that in mind, Simmons calls on Daisy to save her from Leopold and the Hydra agents. Fitz brings in Mack to release him and to take on the demon.

Crossing Time and Space

From there, they flee to a container, where they are trapped with one another while Leopold and the Jemma-demon wait on the outside.  As they confront one another they come to the conclusion that despite their differences, the fact remains that they have crossed time and space to be with one another. Time and time again. If given the choice, each would do it all over again. The reason for this is because they love one another, darkness and all. After coming to that resolution, they emerge from the container ready to confront their darker selves. However, as they have accepted their dark sides, apparently their manifestations have as well. They find the two dark sides of Fitz and Simmons’s personalities are making out with one another.

As Long as We’re Together

Back in their actual cell, Fitz and Simmons tell Atarah they cannot help her due to the paradoxes and dangers that time travel creates. (As they well know). However, they tell her as long as they are trapped together, they’re happy. Atarah tells them that they would not be together. She threatens to separate the two, but her threat is cut short. Enoch incapacitates the Chronicoms and frees Fitz and Simmons from the mind prison. He uses one of the Chronicom transporter hoops to allow them to escape the ship together.


This episode was a MASSIVE punch in the feels. Especially for those of us who have followed Agents of Shield from the beginning. The storyline of Fitz and Jemma has been a long and at times, tortured one. But in the end, they have always had each other. The scene where Fitz learns of his death, his marriage to Jemma and the death of Coulson was especially painful to watch. Kudos to all the actors involved for making it hit home with such force. Especially Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker who killed it as usual and quite frankly broke my heart in that scene.

One question does come to mind, however. At the end of season 5, Coulson tells the group that he is sorry he didn’t get to say goodbye to Fitz. If you are to believe this scene is what happened (minus Fitz), he DID say goodbye. Perhaps this is an altered memory. Not that it matters that much. Just a thought.

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