Marvel’s EVP of Production Victoria Alonso Doesn’t Rule Out Return of Lady Sif

When Thor was first introduced in the MCU, it was rare when you saw the Warriors Three without Lady Sif. As played by Jaimie Alexander, Sif was a bad ass warrior who held her own in any battle and no one was more loyal to Thor. Unfortunately, after her roles in ThorThor: The Dark World, and a couple of appearances on Marvel’s Agents of Shield, she disappeared. Of course it could have been more about Alexander’s role in Blindspot than any character issue. The fact remained, Lady Sif was missing. I even wrote an article about her absence.

In a possible light at the end of the Lady Sif mystery, Marvel’s Executive Vice President of Production Victoria Alonso was recently questioned about the Asgardian Warrior. This was in a Marvel AMA on Reddit. During the questions, a fan asked whether we might see the return of Lady Sif in Phase 4.

Never say never. We love Sif the character as we do our actress, Jaimie Alexander,” Alonso replied.

While her answer was brief, it didn’t shut the door down on the idea either. That lingering hope expressed in her answer will have to do for now. Especially since Alexander is in the last season of BlindSpot and while she recovers from knee surgery to repair a torn MCL. Do you hope to one day see the return of the Lady Sif? Perhaps in Phase Four or in a possible Disney+ series? Share those aspirations with us at GVNation.

Source: Comicbook.Com