Matt Reeves Latest ‘Batman’ Script Tries To Add “Spectacle”


As Matt Reeves works his way toward his Batman script’s conclusion, he is reported as leaning toward an emphasis on one of the many titles the iconic character has been given through the years: “World’s Greatest Detective.” Along the way, he has worked to give the story some “spectacle” which was reported as missing after the first draft was presented.

With those efforts, as reported by Revenge of the Fans, the proposed film has been called a mix of Se7en and The Dark Knight. If true, and at this point, nothing is written in stone, it would be a change of pace from the previous films highlighting his detective skills as opposed to a straight action film.

If Reeves film were to go this direction, would you Dark Knight fans be onboard with that interpretation? Who do you believe would best pull of that type of story as Batman. Share your “Great Detective” skills with us at GVNation.