Matt Reeves The Batman Will Begin Filming At Year’s End

The mysterious Matt Reeves’ The Batman might finally be getting some real steam to it, as it seems that it might finally start filming around this year’s end. This comes after reports that it was going to film around the spring or summer of 2019, but then news reports stated that it would be moved until November. In a Q&A with the director himself, Reeves confirmed that they are looking to starting filming at the year’s end – which will make people happy that it’s finally gaining traction, even though; as of yet, we do not have a Batman.

During this discussion, Reeves also revealed the inspiration for the movie after a fan asked if he was inspired by the movie Chinatown:

Are you excited for Reeves’ The Batman, which is supposedly going to be a Batman noir that will rely heavily on his detective skills; something we’ve not really seen in live-action form.

Source: Revenge of the Fans