MGM Sets Sights on ‘Yasuke’ The Only African Samurai In History


You read it right, an African Samurai and I’m not talking about the one that after a number 2 headband trying to avenge his father. This guy was real! Deadline broke the news recently that MGM, the makers of films like Creed and Death Wish, are planning on making the action film, written by Stuart C. Paul and Produced by Lloyd Braun and Andrew Mittman, in the near future. The true story taking place in feudal Japan in the late 1500’s, an enslaved Yasuke is brought to Japan and is perhaps the first African to set foot on its soil. His dark skin and tall stature baffle the natives including warlord Oda Nobunaga who wanted to rule the land with Yasuke in his army.

There’s no exact time line for the film but seeing as there is no news of actors or a director, I’d guess late 2021. I’m excited nonetheless. I mean who doesn’t love a good samurai story filled with sword fights, battle scenes, and triumph? I know you do. We’ll keep you updated.