Michael Jai White Comments on Heath Ledger Behind the Scenes of The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight is still one of the most talked about, recognized movies in comic book history. Most notably, Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the iconic Batman villain, The Joker. Ledger, unfortunately, passed away before the movie premiered and since then, a lot of rumors have circulated. I’m sure everyone has heard that the actor was consumed by the darkness of the role and how he even kept a diary to prepare himself and really embody the character. But, Michael Jai White (who played Gambol in TDK) spoke about the late actor, specifically about how the set was not as serious as you would think:

“Heath Ledger was having a ball. We were giving him a wide berth and not bothering him, but he was the one initiating conversations and we were doing magic tricks and all kinds of silly things. We would hold up the camera with us just trading jokes, and then when we were done, we would get to shooting. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a more relaxed stage.

He was so incredibly chill. The first day he comes in, we shoot half the day and he’s in full make up, cameras beside him and he’s talking to the boardroom. We break for lunch, I ask the director ‘So, what are we shooting after lunch?’ and he says, ‘We are going to finish up this side of the room.’”

“‘So you mean to tell me that  Heath has been in hours of make up and he’s not going to be on camera anytime today?’ and he said yeah. And I was like wow, he did that for us. That’s for real. And this is coming from the guy who played Spawn…hell no. No way would I do that. I will be in t-shirts and jeans if I don’t have to be marinating in my own juices.”

In regards to people speaking of what led to Ledger’s passing and the “effect” that playing the Joker had on him, White responded:

“That drives me up a wall. Because people want to write the story that this dark character consumed him. That’s people’s imagination. No, not at all. This dude had fun. You can see his playful character because of that scene when he comes out of the examination room and he does the hand sanitizer…you know he’s playing. You know he just did that for a goof. He’s having a ball. He’s modulating his voice. He is even asking us ‘what did you think?’ …And the truth of the matter is he passed away when he was doing The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, it wasn’t even this movie. You know how much longer that was?”

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Source: Heroic Hollywood