Mission Impossible: Fallout Director Passed on Directing DC Films


Mission Impossible: Fallout was a successful film, not only due to the cast, but the director Christopher McQuarrie. His fine grasp on the Mission impossible franchise is emulated by the two addition Impossible films he’s been signed on for, but fans have wanted him also for a different reason. To direct a DC film. Not only would be able to give an audience enjoyable action sequences and sharp storylines, but his work with Superman’s Henry Cavill has also done great work in keeping the want alive.

But, fans will probably be saddened to hear that Warner Bros. tried to get McQuarrie on board and he passed the opportunity. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he passed on directing a DC film, although which one is not clear. McQuarrie had revealed at one point he and Cavill had spoken about doing a Man of Steel movie together, but rumors are saying that the film would have been a Green Lantern one.

If McQuarrie’s schedule opens up after his work with the next Mission Impossible movies, it could be likely that McQuarrie will pick up a DC film, though; it happening before 2022 is unlikely. Would you have liked to see McQuarrie work on the DCEU? If so, what film?

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