Mortal Kombat Gets Release Date, Goes Head To Head With Masters of the Universe


Make sure to circle March 5, 2021 in your calendars because that is the date two highly anticipated films make their debut. Sony announced earlier this week that the Noah Centineo led He-Man film, Masters of the Universe ,will release on that day and now Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros has announced the James Wan produced Mortal Kombat reboot will release on the same day.

Two films fans have been waiting to see for many years going head to head on the same weekend, what a dream for GEEKS all over the world. Many have questioned the casting of Noah Centineo as He-Man but all that could change once they first trailer drops. Having Wan behind the scenes for the Mortal Kombat movie means we are going to get his awesome horror touch and probably some of the most brutal non video game fatalities we have ever seen.

Either way I’m seeing both films that weekend. How about you, Will you see both or will you see one over the other? Share your comments with us below.