Murder Mystery Breaks Netflix Opening Weekend Record

Murder Mystery

Love him or hate him, Adam Sandler has a cult following and his movies generally do well at the box office. That is why Netflix wanted to scoop up the former SNL alum for their own and his latest flick has proven to be a huge success for the streaming giant. Murder Mystery, which sees Sandler reunited with former Just Go With It co Star Jennifer Aniston, has broken the record for biggest opening weekend ever for Netflix. The film is said to have earned over 30.8 million viewers since its release on June 14.

If that number has translated to Box Office dollars some are saying it puts the film at an opening of around $120 million or more. The film did nicely in the US/Canada markets but scored even higher in the rest of the world with over 17 million.

The film does boast quite a nice cast with additions such as Luke Evans, Gemma Arterton, John Kani (Black Panther), Terrance Stamp and Erik Griffin.

As long as Sandler keeps pumping out hits like this for Netflix, his stay will be extended for sure.