Naomi Watts Summarizes New ‘Game of Thrones Sequel’ as “Exciting”


With the final season of Game of Thrones right around the proverbial corner, all of HBO’s creative efforts are being focused on the prequel to the popular show. Based on events before the creation of the White Walkers, very little else is known. But if you think series lead Naomi Watts is going to spill any information on the show, you can put that to rest. Apparently, the secrecy mavens at HBO have already trained her well about keeping things on lock down.

In a recent interview with Varietythey attempted to get her to give any insight into the project and she was prepared for that possibility. HBO has trained her well.

Do you really think I’m going to tell you that? Are you trying to catch me off guard? It’s a fantastic world, isn’t it? I think there’s so many brilliant elements to that series that make it very exciting, very appealing.  I don’t want to dig myself into a big hole here… All I want to say is it’s very exciting- I’ll say that again and again and again — and nothing else.

So we now know it’s exciting. Being Game of Thrones, that is pretty much a given. If we want to know any more about what possibly lies ahead, George RR Martin suggests you pick up his book Fire and Blood. But of course, we’re still waiting on his 6th Game of Thrones book The Winds of Winter. C’mon George…Priorities!

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