Netflix Decides to Troll Marvel Fans With Survey

We’ve wanted Netflix to reach out to the masses after a confusing past few months. When Iron Fist was canceled, some were shocked, but most had expected it considering the low ratings. When Luke Cage was chopped after it being insinuated that we were getting a third season, people started to panic and speculate. With Daredevil getting canceled after an extremely successful third season, fans not only became enraged, but began to realize that this had to do something with the upcoming Disney+ service. Although, it’s been told to us that this has been entirely Netflix’s decision, which begs the question, what the hell, Netflix?

Now Netflix has released a survey asking for fans to rate their disappointment over the cancelation of these shows, which seemingly spits in the face of those who they most likely know are highly upset. Just turn on Twitter, Netflix, and you will see how utterly disappointed we are by the cancelation of these shows and the dissolve of the Defenders world. There was no way that Luke Cage and Daredevil were ready to end and even after all the work that was put in Iron Fist season two to improve, I have to imagine Netflix would be losing money by chopping the series that so many people subscribed to Netflix for.

While it’s fair to say that The Punisher and Jessica Jones are next, we still have them to look forward to, with The Punisher premiering in January.

Let us (and Netflix) know how disappointed you are!

Source: CB