Netflix’s Fuller House Announces Its Final Season


Fans of Full House watched in excitement as the series came back as Fuller House on Netflix and while it has had a good run, Netflix announced that the revival series will have a fifth and final season:

“After years of love and laughter, we saved the best for last.”

Slated to begin in the fall, Fuller House brought a lot of nostalgia to fans who were able to see most of the original cast either star in the series or as least cameo. D.J. Tanner-Fuller began the series much like her father did in the original series with her husband passing away, forcing her to take care of three children. With the same warm-heartedness from the original series, we’ve seen how love and a supporting family can help even during the darkest of times.

Fans are still hoping for the Olsen twins to show up since they’re essentially the only ones from the original cast not to pop up, but I do believe that is a long-shot. For now, you can catch up on the last four seasons; how do you feel knowing the show is coming to an end?

Source: CB