Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy Adds Leslie Bibb as Lady Liberty


Netflix’s upcoming Jupiter’s Legacy, an adaptation of Mark Miller’s comic series; already has Josh Duhamel and Elena Kampouris in talks for the series, but we’re just learning now that Leslie Bibb has been officially signed on for the lead role. Playing Grace Sampson aka Lady Liberty, Bibb’s character is described as:

“A powerful goddess who balances her superpowers with a warm and loving heart and is sharply intelligent.”

Lady Liberty and her husband Sheldon will have two super-powered children named Brandon and Chloe, whose paths will come to disappoint their father. Ouch. How that’s portrayed, we’ll have to see. Andrew Horton is also reportedly negotiating the role of Brandon aka Paragon.

Are you looking forward to Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix?

Source: That Hashtag Show