Netflix’s Russian Doll Will Get a Second Season


The Netflix original Russian Doll has been renewed for a second season! Natasha Lyonne’s dark comedy has made quite the impression and fans want more. So, Netflix is giving it to them. It will return for eight episodes, though a release date has not yet been set.

Lyonne revealed at Recode’s Code Conference in Arizona:

“The character is a coder, so it would be appropriate to have this be the time and place to say, yes. So very much yes, I would love to do [a second season].”

The show follows Lyonne’s character Nadia Vulvokov who keeps dying and reliving her 36th birthday. Lyonne had stated that the show is loosely based on her autobiography:

“I’m 100 percent in there and most definitely the architect of the whole thing. At the same time, the question became — how do we cloak it in something? It’s not a one-woman show, so what would be the most fun way to tell you this story?”

As for what fans can expect for the next season, Leslie Headland (co-creator) said:

“When initially pitched, Nadia was a presence throughout all three of them. But it was not in a very conventional way. She was always a presence as we knew Lyonne would always be the beating heart and soul of this show. Whether she was being haunted or she was haunting the narrative, she would be there. But we have discussed all of those things and more.”

Originally, Lyonne, Headland, and Amy Poehler pitched the series as a three season series. While The Hollywood Reporter’s Daniel Fienberg thought the series was good with just one season, the fans have spoken. What do you want to see from season two?

Source: THR