New ‘Captain Marvel’ Footage Shown During ‘Grammy Awards’

While most of the Trailer buzz during the Grammys has been about Disney’s Aladdin and the now blue Will Smith as the Genie, and the debate on whether he looked awesome or like a bearded member of Blue Men Group, Marvel was also able to slip in some new footage of its rapidly approaching Captain Marvel during the broadcast. As seen above, it features the mantra of the movie (Higher, Further, Faster) spoken over the footage. In addition, we also hear someone telling Carol “you won’t last a week”, “they’ll never let you fly”, and “this isn’t a game for little girls.” It is probably comments like that which will eventually inspire her to tell some mystery person, “I’m kinda done with you telling me what I can’t do.” This proceeds her flying through space and kicking butt.

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Source: ComicBook