New Details Emerge Regarding Pedro Pascal’s Character In ‘Wonder Woman 1984’



When the news of Pedro Pascal joining the cast of Wonder Woman 1984, fans who knew him from his previous work were quite excited by the hire. Unfortunately, his character has been shrouded in mystery so no details were known about who he was. Our friends at SuperBroMovies have revealed some the details of Pedro’s character and how he fits into Wonder Woman’s story.

As they report, Pascal will play a villain in the sequel. His character is a God in disguise, which is similar to Ares in the first film. While disguised as a businessman, he proposes a deal with Diana that if she does his bidding that he in exchange, will bring back the love of her life, Steve Trevor. (That could explain Chris Pine’s reappearance.)

So how do you feel about Pedro Pascal’s role as described by Superbros? It certainly makes sense in the reappearance of Steve Trevor and it would open the storyline for his readjustment to life in the present. Share your thoughts here at GVNation.