New Ghostbusters Film in Talks with Finn Wolfhard and Carrie Coon to Star


The upcoming Ghostbusters film may be bringing on Finn Wolfhard and Carrie Coon to star. With Jason Reitman director and co-writing the script, along with Gil Kenan; the director intends to begin shooting the movie this summer, with hopefully a summer 2020 release. There’s been no comment from the studio as far as the plot details, but from what sources say, it seems that the film will center around a single mom (played by Coon) with her family (Wolfhard as her son), but it’s unknown how these characters connect with the Ghostbusters.

Sources say Reitman was hesitant in using any cast members from Stranger Things, due to the similarity among the two projects; but Reitman was reportedly impressed by Wolfhard’s performance, so he’s now in talks to bring him on. There’s been some buzz centering around this movie, as many have seen Reitman’s comments about “handing the movie back to the fans” as a slight against the all-female version a few years ago. The director has since then looked to clear those comments up.

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Source: Variety