New ‘Iron Fist’ Photos Tease Typhoid Mary Teaming Up With Danny Rand

We’re now officially a week away from the premiere of the second season of Netflix’s Iron Fist. What looks like a vast improvement on the first season, Danny Rand’s journey picks up from last we saw him in The Defenders. With Daredevil presumably dead (though we know he isn’t), Danny must take up the mantle of protector of the city. From what we saw in Luke Cage season two, Luke’s got Harlem and it’s up to the Iron Fist to defend lower Manhattan.

Pulled from SYFY Wire, we can see some juicy tidbits of what to expect from season two. Alice Eve has been cast as Typhoid Mary, a known nemesis in the comics. Even in the trailer for Iron Fist, we can see Mary fighting against Danny. So, why in some of these pictures is she seen essentially working with Iron Fist and Colleen? Netflix likes bringing characters in and making them seem to be friends first, before throwing everything in the wind. Having Danny and Mary go head to head after establishing perhaps a friendship will make the challenge all the harder. Especially, since he’ll have to go up against another old friend, Davos and his new partner Joy Meachum.


Speaking about Meachum, Ward Meachum is seen in this picture to be with Joy. Although the two are siblings and close, the end of the first season saw Joy aligning herself with Davos and Ward seemingly befriending Danny. Is this all a ruse? Or is this maybe when Joy comes to her senses? Either way, Netflix, don’t mess with Ward, he’s been through enough!


At least we have a promising Daughters of the Dragon storyline. Misty and Colleen teased up in Luke Cage season two and their budding friendship couldn’t be anymore perfect.


Iron Fist premieres September 7th.