New ‘MATRIX’ Film Confirmed?


It has been sixteen years since the last Matrix film was released and wrapped up the story of the chosen one, Neo, and the fight between the humans and the machines. I for one really didn’t care for the last two Matrix films. While Reloaded was better than Revolutions, they both felt rushed and didn’t have the same magic the first film had.

Despite my feelings, there have been rumblings that Warner Bros. might be working on a reboot or continuation of the Matrix franchise with Michael B. Jordan. A new report from DiscussingFilm and GWW indicate that Jordan is indeed attached to star and that both Wachowski sisters are set to direct.

The film has been in development under the  working title ‘Project Ice Cream’ which was first reported by Production Weekly on June 12. We have documentation that backs up the working title, the shooting will begin in Chicago, IL and that Lana Wachowski will direct.


DiscussingFilm is reporting that both Wachowski sisters will return and production will begin in 2020. They are also reporting that former Matrix production designer Hugh Bateup will return.

It looks as though Zak Penn will write the script for the film.

This does seem confirmed at this time despite previous reports being debunked. We will wait and see if Warner Bros. makes an official announcement soon. At this time it’s not known if any of the previous cast including Keanu Reeves will be involved or not.

What do you think of this news? Do you want to see the Matrix universe continued? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.