New Mod Will Allow You to Play Waluigi on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a monster of a game with an amazing single-player mode and due to the sheer epicness of having every character across the board in it. Well, except one. It had raised some eyebrows that Waluigi, who appeared first in 2000’s Mario Tennis on Nintendo 64; was not included in the Nintendo Switch game that was released in 2018. But, now, due to one “modder”, the character will be able to be played due to this upcoming mod that isn’t technically available just yet. You can check out the video below of what’s to come once the mod is available, which should be soon.

“A preview of Waluigi model swapped over Captain Falcon. These model swaps aren’t as easy as previous games, because a lot of work is actually put into it. Big thanks to Ploaj for removing unwanted polygons (we can’t remove the racket sadly), and Mastaklo for helping with the Texture compression. I need to make Recolors and UI and then I will release this mod.”

Trading Waluigi for Falcon may seem difficult for some, but for the Waluigi fans out there, it’s a no brainer! Maybe in the next game, they can just make sure to include the iconic character who has become just as much a fan favorite as Wario. Are you excited to play Waluigi and have you been diving deep into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Let us know!

Source: CB

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