‘New Mutants’ Facing Another Delay And Possible Straight To Hulu Release

Fans who have been waiting with baited breath for the release of Fox’s New Mutants appears to be facing more disappointment as it is being suggested that another delay is a possibility. Originally scheduled to be released last April, it was delayed for additional reshoots to make it scarier and to introduce new characters into the mix. That meant that an August 2019 release was planned but now that also appears in jeopardy according to a tweet by Scott Bechtel, host of Merc with a Podcast. His sources report a possible November release or perhaps, a straight to Hulu release in October. The issue appear to be a conflict with Director Josh Boone and Fox on How they want the finished project to look.

With the many issues that the New Mutants have been going through, do you see it ever hitting theaters or is it destined to go the straight to streaming route. Share your educated guess with us at GVNation.