New Pictures Shed Light on Billy Russo’s Jigsaw in Punisher Season Two

The Punisher just yesterday dropped another teaser trailer that revealed the date for its second season to premiere on Netflix. January 18th will continue the story of Frank Castle as he’s discovering life after the events of season one. Perhaps one of the biggest betrayals in Castle’s life was the discovery that his former best friend, Billy Russo; had had knowledge of the massacre to be bestowed on Maria and the kids, and decidedly did nothing about it. The final battle of season one saw Frank and Billy up against each other, with Frank helping his now foe in the first steps of becoming his comic book antagonist – Jigsaw.

Although Billy Russo will not be called Jigsaw and his look is not comic book accurate, much to the chagrin of those online; his scars are a result of a more grounded and realistic approach. Modern medicine and advanced plastic surgery are a real thing and as we’ve seen in the first season of The Punisher, this show is all about being tangible as opposed to the other shows/movies. I digress though. We are learning more about Billy Russo in the second season and now we’re seeing more stills of him that shed a much different light than the suave owner of Anvil.

In the above pictures, we see Russo wearing a mask that looks more to be what some fans were hoping to see in season two. I quite enjoy this play on the character, as the scars, even according to Ben Barnes; are meant to be more so internal. Billy will be fighting an inner battle, having suffered brain damage and memory loss, he’s attempting to put the pieces back of what happened. And for someone as superficial as Russo, even the tiniest of scars is enough to not only unnerve him, but to remind him of how Frank “scorned him”.

This is also our first look at Floriana Lima, whose casting has raised some concern by fans; who is playing Russo’s physiatrist. My prediction is that things will not end too well for her, considering it looks like Billy eventually gets out of that hospital.

The Punisher season two hits Netflix January 18th. Tell me your thoughts!