New Promo Photos For ‘TITANS’ Episode One and Two


Titans is just one of the many programs that fans are looking forward to the upcoming DC Universe. The show has had a lot of buzz in it for months, from criticism over costumes to Robin saying “F*ck Batman” in the trailer. The highly-anticipated show promises a much darker tone than what fans are used to with such programs as Titan Teens and Teen Titans GO on the Cartoon Network. In preparation for the series, we’ve now gotten a handful of promotional photos from the first two episodes that help give us insight of what we can expect.

If you take a look below, you can see that within the first episode we’re going to see a lot of Raven and Starfire, as well as a flashback of the tragic deaths of Dick Grayson’s parents.

In the second episode, we’re still focused on Raven it seems, but we can see the inclusion of Hawk and Dove in the series. Robin is suited up in the second episode ad it looks like we’re going to see some action. In the trailer, Robin was fending off criminals, so his vigilante days don’t seem to be over just yet.

It’ll be interesting to see everyone come together and how their personalities will mesh. You can begin watching Titans on DC Universe starting on October 12