New Report Suggests Matt Reeves ‘BATMAN’ Will Be The Start of A New DCEU


We got some great news earlier today when it was confirmed by numerous outlets that WB had found their new Batman in Robert Pattinson.  In the initial report by Deadline it was mentioned that the previous Batman played by Ben Affleck will not carry over at all into the Matt Reeves films. The exact wording used was “The film will not carry on the work started by Ben Affleck in BvS or Justice League

Of course this could mean that it’s a prequel and that would for sure mean he wouldn’t carry on the work of a Batman in the future. But is that what it really means? Fans hope it does cause if not then it means either A) this movie is standalone and outside the DCEU or B) This is in the DCEU but will retcon Ben’s Batman or C) This Batman will usher in a brand new direction for DC going forward.

Well according to Mark Hughes with Forbes, Batman is going to do just that. Hughes commented on Twitter that the old DCEU made up of Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot and Margot Robbie will continue with their films for now and once they are done DC will relaunch their new DC Universe  with Robert Pattinson’s Batman and the upcoming Supergirl film which Hughes mentions will being filming early 2020.

I am not sure how all this rebooting will work or where it leaves characters like Shazam and Black Adam. Dwayne Johnson has said Black Adam will begin filming next year but will WB fold Shazam and Black Adam into the “new” DCEU? A sequel to Shazam and Aquaman are planned, Wonder Woman 84 is out next year, James Gunn is working on The Suicide Squad with current DCEU characters and Margot Robbie is going to be in that film plus the rumored Gotham City Sirens movie.

If Batman is set to relaunch a new DC Universe then it’s going to be a few years before that happens and by then Batman would be on its second or third film. Oh and Ava and Tom King are working on the New Gods film. So will New Gods be stand alone or part of the DCEU?

I honestly can’t see Batman relaunching a new DC Universe with all these other movies in play and upcoming. Now if DC wanted to do a multiverse angle where Reeves Batman and the upcoming Supergirl film are from Earth 2 or something then maybe that works and then we could have a cross over event utilizing Ava’s New Gods characters. You could also launch the Green Lantern Corps film in the Batman universe and launch the Flash film. With rumors circling that Ezra is out as the Flash and that movie seemingly on the back burner, you could recast and launch the movie after Reeves Batman opens.

Another major debate right now is Henry Cavill and the role of Superman. Does a deal with Henry and WB ever get worked out or is he done? WB could recast Superman and have him debut in the same universe as Supergirl after her film comes out. This would give WB two time lines to work with until their original DCEU actors contracts are up and then focus on the new time line with Batman, Supergirl, possibly Flash, GLC and maybe Superman or whomever else DC decides to go with.

Right now all of this is merely speculation and WB has not said confirmed any plans to reboot the DCEU. They could keep things the way they are and allow Batman to be completely stand alone. Hopefully WB will address this and their film slate at Comic Con or sooner.

What do you think of this news? Would you want a rebooted DCEU? Should WB just do stand alone films and abandon the universe?