New Trailer for Jamie Bell and Frank Grillo’s Donnybrook

Get ready for a gritty, bare-knuckle fight in Donnybrook. First premiering in 2018 at the Toronto International Film Festival, it’s slated for release on February 15, 2019 by IFC. This film comes from Tim Sutton (Memphis, Dark Night) and will tell the tale of two men who will come to a head all for the prize of $100,000.

Sutton spoke at TIFF about the violence in the movie and its correlation to America:

“But you accept giant Armageddon-like movies for 20 years, and then you’re shocked when someone blows up a building. And the UFC—the cage fighting on TV—is more popular than boxing, which I think is barbaric too. It’s a billion-dollar industry and some of it is cage fighting. We celebrate it on mainstream TV, just like football, which leaves all these people brain-dead. These are things that America celebrates and then we are aghast when that kind of violence leaks out into the real world.”

Before is the official synopsis and trailer:

Jarhead Earl (Jamie Bell) will do anything to keep his family together. After robbing a gun shop, he hits the road with his young son, determined to win big at the Donnybrook, a legendary bare-knuckle brawl where the last man standing in a brutal backwoods cage fight walks off with $100,000. But hot on his trail are Chainsaw Angus (Frank Grillo), a vicious drug dealer who wants Jarhead dead, and Angus’s conflicted sister Delia (Margaret Qualley), who is drawn to Jarhead’s inherent goodness. Set in the rural heartland, amid seedy motels and last-chance saloons, and based on the novel by Frank Bill, DONNYBROOK from writer-director Tim Sutton (MEMPHIS, DARK NIGHT) is his highest-profile feature film to date, an unflinching, lyrical descent into an American underworld of hard promises, broken dreams, and the brutal will to survive.

Source: The Film Stage