New Video Showcases Wilson Fisk At His Best

In a recently posted Twitter video from the official Daredevil account, Wilson Fisk is at the center of the spotlight. And who better to deserve it. Vincent D’Onofrio gave us one hell of a performance in season one of the Netflix series and even in his short time in season two, we still were given Kingpin at his best, with a clear message: don’t mess with the king.

Season three will see a real return of Wilson Fisk, who miraculously gets out of prison and as it’s said in the video below, the real drive in the third season is stopping Fisk, as he is looking to kill many innocent people. Including those closest to Matt Murdock. You can check out the video below, where both Charlie Cox and D’Onofrio speak about their characters, and what fans should expect from the upcoming season, which premieres this Friday. As someone who has always held the Daredevil series to a high standard as the best in the Defenders universe, I think we are looking at some of the best storytelling, acting, and everything else in between.

Daredevil season three comes out October 19th. Four days!