No Plans For Batman At This Time According To CW President

During the recent Television Critics Association panel, CW President Mark Pedowitz answered a lot of questions regarding the CW Arrowverse and its upcoming slate of shows. It was reported that Batwoman would be making her debut on Arrow this season and that she would be getting her own show. This news made fans speculate if Batman would eventually show up on the show as well. Gotham and Bruce Wayne have been mentioned before but we have never seen the caped crusader and according to Mark we won’t be any time soon

“Batwoman lives in Gotham, but there are no plans at this time to have Batman appear.”

Now this does not mean he will never appear but for the time being he is being kept of the series. Gotham is preparing for its final season which will see young Bruce Wayne take on the mantle of the Dark Knight and even David Mazouz hinted that we would hear the term Batman this season. The DC Universe streaming service also might introduce Batman at some point due to its flagship show, TITANS, being set in Gotham.

Batwoman is set to debut next year but she will make her debut on CW’s Arrow crossover event.

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Source: TVLine