Noah Hawley Talks About His ‘Doctor Doom’ Film


Part of the Marvel Universe that was outside of Marvel Studios control included the Fantastic Four and some of their connective characters. This included Dr.Doom, the iconic villain that was synonymous with the Fantastic Four. Noah Hawley, Fargo and Legion show runner had been developing a script for a stand alone film centered around the Ruler of Latveria for 20th Century Fox. It was assumed that the soon to be completed purchase of Fox by Disney might push the project forward.  That appears to not be the case.

Speaking with Hollywood Reporter, Hawley reported that he had talked with Marvel’s Kevin Feige who had asked him if he was still working on the script. Hawley’s response was “Should I be?” Not exactly commital. Of course, Hawley jokingly followed that with “Feige wouldn’t reveal his thousand year plan” so he had no idea if the project would move forward or not.

As for Hawley’s idea for the Dr. Doom story, he described it like this:

Doctor Doom would be a geopolitical thriller more than a standard superhero movie. It would begin with Doom putting a dome over Latveria, the fictional European country he rules. He later invites a female journalist to be his voice to the world, meaning its protagonist would be someone without superpowers.

If that synopsis sounds promising, apparently sounding is as close as we will get for now. Would you like to see Dr.Doom get his own film? If so, who would you like to fill the metal shoes of the Supreme Ruler of Latveria? Share your thoughts with us at GVNation.

Source: Hollywood Reporter