Old Lady Harley #3 Review


DC meets Mad Max. That’s the perfect way I can describe Old Lady Harley #3. Feeling like a bizarre futuristic world from Blade Runner and Fury Road, we see a future where Harley has freed herself from the Joker, but not her criminal ways. Not to mention, the characters we see on the cover are the Bane twins. That’s right, Bane twins who look like you do not want to battle against them inside of a cage.

This comic issue, brought to us by Frank Tieri and Inaki Miranda; is full of characters other than the titular character. The city is a warzone full of villains, including Four-Face, General Cold, and “That Kid From That One Show”. You’ll know once you read it. Harley needs to be ready to fight twenty-four seven and despite the title of the issue including the word “old” in it, our favorite harlequin can still throw punches.

On top of the nods to such franchises as Mad Max, there’s a panel or two towards the end that has characters reminding me of those seen in Clockwork Orange. It’s fun throughout the issue to point out the visual shoutouts to other media, as well as the new characters that are variations of familiar ones. This comic is what you would expect from a Harley Quinn issue, but with unexpected chaos.

Old Lady Harley is number three of this five issued series and I cannot wait to see Harley finally confront the Joker after all these years. Certainly a must read and you can grab your copy from your local comic store or by clicking the image below.