Opinion: Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couples As Seen By A Hopeless Romantic

Today is Valentines Day. It has pretty much come a tradition in our business to come up with some ranking of films and couples that made our hearts all go thumpity-thump or at least, wish you were them. Since I am not one to mess with accepted norms, I will try my hand at putting out a list of some of my favorite couples in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre. Many of these will go back a bit and some will be more recent. As always with GVNation, we encourage you to make your favorites known. You can never be wrong. As Yukon Cornelious said in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: “You eat what you like, I’ll eat what I like.” I’m not sure that actually applies….but oh well. These are in no particular order.

Wesley and Buttercup: The Princess Bride – How can you not like a couple that will go through fire swamps, take on ROUS (Rats of Unusual Size), and be willing to plunge a dagger into their chest, all for Love. Buttercup was even ready to send Wesley away rather than see anything happen to him. Of course, Humperdink and Count Rugen (the six-fingered man) has other ideas. But even they couldn’t get in the way of “true love” or was it “to bet,” I guess it depends on who you ask. To Indigo it was true love, to Max, the miracle worker, it was to bet. We know what it was. Besides, I learned the most valuable lesson from them that still gets me through most difficulties in my own marriage. Men, repeat after me when your significant other asks you to do something: “As you wish.”



John and Jane Smith: Mr. and Mrs. Smith – (I know, this doesn’t really fit in Sci-Fi or Fantasy but when you can walk away relatively unscathed when your entire house gets blown up, I call THAT a fantasy). This one is bitter/sweet for me. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie lit up the screen (when they weren’t trying to kill each other). The heat between them could almost be felt. Of course, I am a huge fan of Angelina so I am probably biased. Heck, I even thought she was hot in Beowulf and she was animated. What I liked about Mr. and Mrs. Smith is that even though they were super assassins, they bickered over the same mundane things normal couples did. The drapes, when dinner would be ready, putting away the lawnmower, just stuff. I was disappointed that their real life relationship has fallen apart. Maybe by the time they have sorted out all their children something can work out. But, as of now, at least I still have Mr. and Mrs. Smith.


Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Walker: Chuck – This relationship had me from the get-go. As a charter member of the Nerd Herd, who wouldn’t want a hot, young, bad-ass blonde to take an interest in a computer geek….excuse me, NERD. This was wish-fulfillment at its highest. Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski had great chemistry and I knew it would only be a matter of time for them to get together. (I still think she would have made a GREAT Black Canary). When they finally kissed when they both thought they were about to be blown up by a bomb, that was the moment Chuck fans had been waiting for. I still have hopes that they might bring back this show in some format. It was five years well spent for me. Zachary Levi keeps hinting about it. You have super powers now, Zach…make it happen.


Phil Coulson and Melinda May: Marvel’s Agents of Shield – Anyone who didn’t know I was going to throw in an Agents of Shield couple, doesn’t know me very well. In fact, there will be another one later. But as to Phil and Melinda or “Philinda” as fan’s of this power couple referred to them, Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen brought the right amount of tension and humor to a relationship where everything seemed to be getting in the way. The “Philinda” consummation was something that fans wanted to see but had to wait for it to come to fruition. The seeds of it were always present, but things like duty, service and other people kept getting in the way. Darn that Duty and Responsibility stuff. They eventually got around to admitting what everyone else already knew…they were meant to be together. It is tragic that it didn’t happen until Phil was going to die for it to take wing. At least they had each other until the end. At least I think that’s what happened. You never know with Marvel and Agents of Shield. They have at least two seasons to resolve it all.


Maeve Millay and Hector Escaton: Westworld – There are couples and then is Maeve and Hector. They are both hosts in Westworld, which of course means they are artificial beings. Maeve however is discovering things are not what they seem. She is remembering events that happened before. As such, she is able to change them. This allows her to manipulate the events that transpire and use that to her advantage. Hector is not aware of these things. He is following the programming that was laid out for him. Maeve knows this and then starts subtly changing things as they should happen. Part of this requires a relationship with Hector. As time passes, their relationship changes and as Hector learns more, he begins to also make decisions beyond his programming. This includes how he interacts with Maeve. For two artificial characters, they are a hot couple. The chemistry between actors Thandie Newton (Maeve) and Rodrigo Santuro (Hector) lights up the screen. In once scene literally as Maeve sets the place on fire as she and Hector are going at it. I guess if you generate that much heat, who cares that you’re not real.


Kate McKay and His Grace Leopold Alexis Elijah Walker Gareth Thomas Mountbatten, 3rd Duke of Albany: Kate and Leopold – This one is just a sweet, old fashioned romance when a man (Hugh Jackman) from another time accidentally is thrown into the present day where he meets an advertising exec (Meg Ryan) who has pretty much given up on romance to focus on her career. She meets Leopold who was brought into this time when he followed Kate’s ex-Boyfriend Stuart (Liv Schreiber) who had discovered the portal back in time and was seen by Leopold taking pictures. Leopold is fascinated by the changes that have happened since his time as well as the confident independent woman he has found in Kate. Kate believes that Leopold is crazy. Her brother Charles believes he is just a method actor (like himself) living the part of a Duke. In spite of herself, Kate begins to fall for Leopold who is different than any man she has known. Unfortunately, by the time she becomes aware of this fact, Leopold was forced to go back to his own time. Meanwhile Stuart had examined his pictures and realized that Kate was there. She also needed to go back. This required a “leap of faith” from the Brooklyn Bridge to enter the time portal. Kate followed her heart, made the leap and found Leopold right before he was about to become engaged to another woman….and they lived happily ever after. I warned you I was a romantic.

Jemma Simmons and Leopold Fitz: Marvel’s Agents of Shield – (I warned you there was another) With all the romance going on in Shield land, its a wonder any rescuing and saving the world ever got done. This relationship started as an innocent friendship, based on science and common nerdery. But everyone who watched the show knew, Fitzsimmons as they were called, would end up together. It was inevitable. That didn’t mean however, that they didn’t endure hardships along the way. Boy did they ever. They were sank deep into the Ocean in a metal box but were saved when Fitz basically allowed himself to drown in order for Jemma to survive, relying on her superior swimming skills to save him. It worked although Fitz suffered some brain issues from lack of oxygen which he gradually worked through. He then had to save Jemma when she was transported to another world by means of a monolith. He tracked her down and brought her back. When he realized she met another man on that planet, he risked his life in hopes to bring him back to her. He loved her that much. In the end, it was always Fitzsimmons. The smartest and cutest couple in Shield.

Jon Snow and Ygritte: Game of Thrones – Yes, I know that Jon and Daenerys are the going thing now but there is that slight problem about being aunt and nephew to get over. I realize the Targaryen’s don’t really have an issue with those kind of relationships but they might want to examine why Aerys was called the “Mad King” and why it happened. Genetics are a funny thing. So anyway, before Jon and Dany were a going item, it was Jon and Ygritte. Their relationship was part tease and part HOT! Ygritte delighted in torturing the young Brother of the Knight’s Watch with what she knew he wasn’t supposed to have. Jon did his best to maintain his vows but all it took was for Ygritte to take his sword and lead him into a cave with hot springs and clothes went flying in all directions. Their chemistry was undeniable and apparently both Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie felt it too. So while Ygritte met her end in the attack at Castle Black, Rose Leslie captured Kit’s heart and they were married last year. I love a happy ending…now KEEP IT THAT WAY!

So there are a few of my choices. You might have different ones completely. Feel free to share your favorites. Valentines Day IS the time for sharing. We here at GVNation hope you have a safe and romantic Valentines Day.