Opinions of a Traditionalist: Captain America’s Shield


This just in, your author is a traditionalist. There, I said it. As always, admitting your problem is the first step in resolving it. Change is abhorrent to me. Not that I won’t accept change, I can embrace change…as long as it’s easy to change back from the horrible mistake you obviously made. Yes, you are free to thank me later.

So what am I carrying on about? I recently watched Avengers Infinity War for the sixth time and I just realized…I HATE Captain America’s new shields. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the whole Swiss Army knife utility of the “shields.” I also know that since Shuri more than likely made them, they are tech of the highest order but are they really…Shields? They are more like gauntlets. They do make for nice weapons when it comes to hand to hand style fighting but they are no way like his “traditional” shield. You remember it…circular, stripes, big star in the middle, would come back to Cap when he would throw it. Bullets bounced off, people bounced off. It was Awesome! And quite frankly, it WAS Captain America!

Here’s what I mean. Do a search of superhero emblems. Go on, we have time. You will see the traditional Batman emblem, the classic Superman emblem and low and behold, for Captain America there is not the white A, not his winged mask, there is his SHIELD. Not his old classic shield like his creators Jack Kirby (Happy Birthday King) and Joe Simon gave him in the 1940’s. It is his tried and true, All-American shield that has stood the test of time. Anything else is a pale imitation and unworthy of the man and his legacy.

Now I understand the Cap and Tony Stark had a falling out a few pictures ago over some silly thing like his buddy Bucky Barnes killing Tony’s parents. Hey, fecal matter happens. He didn’t MEAN to kill them. Ok, he DID mean to kill them, but it wasn’t his fault. Mind control is a funny thing. Just because it ruined your life, doesn’t mean you should take Cap’s shield away. Yeah, I know…Cap surrendered it. But come ON!

Tony was understandably upset and perhaps he was right to be so, but evidence shows he wasn’t so pissed that he didn’t think about making Cap another Shield. During Spider-Man: Homecoming, Happy was moving Tony’s things into the new Avengers HQ and mentioned while he was going through the inventory about a new prototype for Cap’s Shield. Even Tony knew Captain America is not Captain America without that Shield.

So Avengers Infinity War has come and moved on to digital and Blu-Ray and we know that the “shields” Cap uses are not Tony’s prototypes…or are they? We are just assuming that Shuri designed them. Perhaps Tony had them sent to Wakanda in the chance Steve might need them. Possible I suppose but it doesn’t change the fact that it isn’t HIS Shield. I want him to have HIS shield. Ok Marvel, you’ve got one more movie to fix this grave oversight. The clock is ticking. Shield-Gate has officially started. It’s your move.

One more thing. If you think I am being ridiculous about this, I submit, exhibit A. Our friends at Comicbook.com earlier in the year did a ranking of Caps shields from Best to Worst. I thank you for that. Their top two shields were his classic shield I have been extolling the virtues of this whole article and his MCU shield which is basically the same thing. To be totally transparent here, they ranked the Wakandan Gauntlets at number 8. I can live with that…as long as we know what the BEST Shield is.

Alright fellow Captain America fans, what is your opinion? Does it matter what Caps uses for a shield? Or are you on the why change what works train with yours truly? If your not…GET OFF! Just kidding. Share your “Shielded Thoughts” with us at GVNation.