Opinions of a Traditionalist: It’s a great time to be a Geek


I am a comic book fan. I have been since my youth. You need to look no further than my GVNation bio where I mention diving over the edge of a sandy cliff to rescue one of my comic books. Of course I was young and foolish then and with age comes wisdom. If that were to happen now I’d send my grandson. I’m kidding…I think. 

The point of all this is I liked comic books. Not just Marvel, or DC, or Image, or any other specific publisher. If the story was well written, the art well done, I was a fan. The same goes now with the movies based on comic books. If the story is well told, and they don’t stray too far from the basic elements of the characters involved, especially those I grew up with, I’m good!

We’re fortunate these days that some really well done comic book based films are being made. I have seen all the MCU films up until Captain Marvel and most of the DC films. (Still need to see Aquaman). I own Blu-Ray versions of everything that has been released to this point, be it MCU, DC Films, the various Batman films, Ghost Rider, Superman.  I enjoy them all. It is true there are things in the films that sometimes bug me. That would be true with almost all films. That hasn’t stopped me from watching them whenever I happen upon one on the various cable channels. In fact, this year I bounced back and forth between the Academy Awards and the Avengers.

With the release of Aquaman, Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse, the recent releases of Captain Marvel and the pending Shazam!, fans of these types of movies are getting Christmas way early. Reviews of Captain Marvel have been mixed but it has also been victimized by false pre-reviews that may have shaded people’s opinions. (Our own @TC_Stark had a positive review which is pretty compelling) As for myself, I will reserve any judgement until I see it myself. Which I believe should be the route anyone should take. You may like it, you may not, but it will be YOUR opinion and not anyone else’s. 

The same thing goes for Shazam! The early reviews have been mostly positive which is great. I have admitted in the past of having a soft spot for Zachary Levy. From what I’ve read, he is spot on as Shazam! making great use of his comedic timing. Of course, he is not unfamiliar with mixing comedy and action with his time on Chuck. As always, my final opinion will come only after I watch it. 

That’s not all we have to look forward to. Next comes Avengers: End Game, SpiderMan: Far from Home, and in the future Todd Phillips Joker, Birds of Prey…it staggers the imagination.

No matter what though, it will be judged not through the lenses of a Marvel film or a DC film, but that of a fun, COMIC BOOK based film that I feel good about seeing, again, again and again or not. That’s the great thing about the fandom. You get to make your own choices. The one thing that is certain, you can expect us at GVNation to give you the information you need going in so you can make that choice. It’s a great time to be a Geek.