Other ‘Doom Patrol’ Characters Set To Appear In The Upcoming DC Series


DC Original show ‘Doom Patrol’ is set to premiere on February 15 and it looks like the cast that we see now may expand throughout the show.

During a show panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, show runner Jeremy Carver gave a tease that characters such as Beard Hunter, Celsius, Lodestone, and Danny the Street are coming to the series in some form or fashion. If you are unfamiliar with these then here is a quick background:

Beard Hunter is a minor villain and was born with a hormone deficiency that prevented him from growing a beard the young man known as Ernest Franklin grew resentful of beards and begun a one-man war against facial hair – hunting down and killing unfortunate individuals and taking their beards as trophies (creepy right?).

Celsius is known as Arani Desi Caulder, an Indian woman who becomes the wife of Dr. Niles Caulder (played by Timothy Dalton in the series). Arani is given immortality and the ability to control fire and ice, which she uses to help – and even lead a new iteration of the team in Niles’ absence – on many occasions.

Lodestone, also known as Rhea Jones, is the daughter of an Air Force general, who is given electromagnetic abilities in an explosion in the Arctic. After getting her powers, Rhea runs away and joins the circus, only to be recruited by Arani to join the latest iteration of the Doom Patrol. She was put into a coma during the Invasion! storyline, something that lasted for much of Morrison’s run, until it was revealed that she’d transformed into a magnetic butterfly known as The Pupa.

Danny the Street is a sentient piece of geography, who has the ability to place himself anywhere at will. He has the ability to communicate with people via signs and messages on the street, and was given the ability to transfer his personality into the street’s residents in Gerard Way’s recent iteration of the comics.

Even though we do not know yet how these members will unfold in ‘Doom Patrol’, at least we know that the writers will expand the roster and continue to add more interesting characters. See ‘Doom Patrol’ February 15th.