Pedro Pascal Rumored to Be Leading Upcoming Star Wars TV Series


Pedro Pascal has some great gigs in his filmography, such as HBO’s Game of Thrones and Netflix’s Narcos. But, things are really picking up for Pascal, who not only will be playing a villain in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, but it’s rumored that he could be heading to another well-known franchise. Jon Favreau, the genius behind the Iron Man movies and much more; will be creating a Star Wars series for Disney’s upcoming streaming service. It now seems that the talented actor could be leading the show.

These are just rumors, but with his recent, well-deserved popularity skyrocketing after it being rumored that he will play Maxwell Lord, it would be smart to bring him in for what promises to be a great series. With Favreau on top of the project, and the Skywalker saga ending with the upcoming Star Wars Episode IX, it would be a great time to explore the universe far, far away with other characters. Rogue One was such a success and didn’t focus on the normal chain of events with the Skywalkers, so we’ll have to see if the TV series follows suit.

Would you like to see Pedro Pascal leading the way for the Star Wars series?

Disney’s streaming service is set to be released in 2019.

Source: Making Star Wars