Possible ’Conjuring 3’ Details Revealed

If you’re a fan of the Conjuring series, you are living the good life these days. After two successful movies  and three spinoffs, fans have not seen the last of the supernatural adventures of Lorraine and Ed Warren.

In response to the franchises popularity, New Line Cinema has announced it’s committment to make The Conjuring 3. It was also recently announced that The Curse of La Llorona leadman Michael Chaves will take over directing duties formerly held by James Wan. With that all in mind, some details have been released on what the third film might entail.

This is according to Bloody Disgusting:

The Conjuring 3 will be about a man on trial for murder who claims he was possessed by a demon. Of course, the Warrens will be investigating his claims and likely will discover some ghostly activity in the process.

With the Conjuring 3 now in the planning stages, how do you fans of the franchise feel about another chapter to add to the spinoffs? Is there such a thing as too much when discussing The Conjuring? Share your supernatural theories with us at GVNation.