Possible Description for ‘Avengers 4’ Is Posted (briefly)

When it comes to  Avengers 4, fans and media alike are scrambling to learn any and all things of what Kevin Feige and the Russo Bros. might have in store.

With that quest for knowledge in mind, a fairly detailed description of the movie’s first trailer was recently posted on Reddit before it mysteriously pulled a Thanos snapped disappearing act. Whether or not the description is legitimate, it must have been enough for it to be deleted, perhaps on a request by Marvel Studios. This was done after the information, as most online information does, went viral. Thus you should consider this a supposition at this point until we see something to legitimize it.

I’m going to report this verbatim as it was reported on CBR.Com:

According the the description, the footage opens with Chris Evans’ Captain America and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man reuniting in Wakanda, and also contains highly-anticipated sequences of Hulk training to fight Thanos, Wong contacting Doctor Strange’s soul, M’Baku leading Wakanda, the likes of Shuri, Rocket and Nebula building new tech, Clint Barton as Ronin in Japan, Scott Lang and Iron Man traversing the Quantum Realm, Thor and Valkyrie reuniting, Loki and Thor in what appears to be a time-travel sequence fighting off the Chitauri, Cap getting a new shield from Iron Man and last but not least, Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel with her glowing fists getting ready for battle.

I again emphasize, this may prove to be a red herring or it could have some basis in fact. We should learn one way as soon as the official trailer is released for public consumption. Either way, it makes for a good morning discussion.

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