Possible Doctor Strange 2 and Guardians of The Galaxy 3 Details Revealed?


I must caution you to take this news with a dump truck of salt. A mysterious Twitter user who goes by the name Roger Wardell has surfaced again with some very interesting news concerning two Marvel films that have yet to even go into production. Those films are Doctor Strange 2 and James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

The user posted some very accurate information before going underground regarding Avengers Endgame. The user correctly reported the elevator scene with Chris Evans saying “Hail Hydra”, Rumlow returning, out of shape Thor, Thor going for the head against Thanos in the opening moments just to make a few things.

Roger has now posted that we will see the traditional gloves return for the Doctor Strange sequel as well as the Ancient One making a come back.


You can check out more details below for Doctor Strange 2.

Now for some cool information regarding Guardians of the Galaxy 3. We last saw the group at the end of Endgame with a two new crew members, Nebula and Thor. Gamora has returned so to speak but does has fled the scene following Thanos defeat.

The info posted indicates Nebula and Star Lord will become closer as friends and that we will finally meet the person responsible for Rocket’s physical modifications and we will finally meet his other associate Lylla. In what is a true to twist it’s revealed that Drax’s daughter is still alive.


You can check out the full post here as well.

As stated above take this all with a grain of salt. But should this all be true then it sounds like we might be in for a wild ride with Guardians 3 and Doctor Strange 2 I’m sure will still be dealing with the effects of the SNAP from Thanos. I’m sure Strange will have some sort of issues with having been turned to dust.

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