Problems/Solutions for Star Wars As A Franchise

Before I get comments saying I hate Star Wars. I would like to say Star Wars is my favorite franchise, but I am not blind to the fact that they have some issues. What I do know is that Star Wars as a franchise has not been received well, from major Star Wars fans, when Disney took over. Some of my issues with the franchise as of late.

Expanding on a story that does not need to be expanded on

Disney was too focused on expanding the original Star Wars story that already ended perfectly, with Return of the Jedi, and trying to think of ways of making it feel fresh without any planning, in my opinion. This caused a rift with the filmmakers and Katheleen Kenndy because it had no sense of identity.

What I would do different is not continue the Rebel Alliance vs the Fist order, it is played out, instead go back to the past build up the mythology between Sith and Jedi. Star Wars the Clone Wars and Rebels focused more on that mythology and to me, it is more compelling than the struggle of the Alliance.

I feel that Kathleen Kennedy is starting to understand that a little bit and will start to see that after Episode 9 with The Mandalorian and the next trilogy by Game of Thrones showrunners, David Benioff and Dan Weiss. With the trilogy, I hope they start to develop the antagonist as much as the protagonist. We also need more and engaging fight sequences as much as a well-developed story.

Not Having a Set Plan

Kathleen Kennedy is pretty well known for getting rid of directors because of creative differences or not being the right fit.

I do not understand how directors leave or are removed because of differences this does not only happen in Star Wars but other franchises as well. In theory, it should not be hard to keep a director on board for a film they are said to direct. All you have to do is tell them the plan and see if they agree to it before announcing it to the public it is that simple.

What I would like to see if I worked at Lucas film with Kathleen Kenndy is find screenwriters and directors and start to plan with Kathleen Kennedy and those in charge with the lore of Star Wars this way there will be no confusion, people not leaving because of said differences and also fewer consistency errors.

What I would Like to See

Like I said earlier I would love to see Lucas Film build the mythology up telling stories about the Sith and Jedi. Getting inspiration from the Old Republic, Knights of the Old Republic, Legends Novels like Darth Plagueis, Darth Bane, Thrawn and much more.

The Star Wars universe is a vast place to explore but it feels like Lucas film is only localizing it with the films and putting out better content in the comics and books and animated shows.

The films are an amazing place to explore the Celestial elements of Star Wars just look at Avatar, the Marvel Franchise is starting to get there with films like Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy and soon The Eternals, Just examples, I feel that Star Wars can go even deeper like what they were doing in Rebels and Clone Wars.

What would you like to see for the future of Star Wars? Comment down below.

Rankings of the Films 

This is my Ranking for the Star Wars films you will notice that Force Awakens and Last Jedi are in the top five that is because as films I think they are better than the bottom five. What is your Ranking for the Star Wars films?

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