Psycho-Pirate Coming to CW’s Elseworlds Crossover Event, Bob Frazer Cast


The news about CW’s upcoming crossover event Elseworlds keeps coming in and a new casting addition has been announced; Bob Frazer will play an Arkham Asylum patient commonly known as Psycho-Pirate. Psycho-Pirate’s real name is Roger Hayden and his presence is evidence that the Arrowverse could be gearing up for one of the biggest crossovers ever – Crisis on Infinite Earths.

In this storyline, we see The Monitor and The Anti-Monitor, who are cosmic twins; where Anti-Monitor ultimately ends up destroying most of DC’s multiverse. This caused a merging of the multiverses into one singular universe, which has sustained as such for about twenty years. We can see the Crisis mentioned in The Flash’s premiere, with a newspaper from the future citing Barry Allen’s disappearance, a common theme throughout The Flash series from day one with Reverse Flash.

The newspaper was tweaked, though; where we see Hayden mentioned:

“Research has focused on Roger Hayden, a.k.a. Psycho Pirate, who claims to remember the night’s events,” the article reads in its current state. “He said upon his arrest, ‘Worlds lived, worlds died. Nothing will ever be the same.’”

Clearly, Hayden is being geared up to be an important figure in the series, and with his powers stemming from a “Medusa Mask”, he may have a part in setting everything up.

We’ll have to wait to see everything unfold, but are you excited for CW’s Elseworlds? Let us know!

Source: CB