Punisher Star Says It May Be Hard to Get Original Cast Together If Show Goes to Another Network

Marvel's The Punisher

With the Marvel run on Netflix officially ended, fans are still rallying for these shows to pop up somewhere else. Last week, #SaveDaredevil supporters paid for billboards to show for a few minutes in Times Square and while that may seem extreme, it speaks to the level of dedicated fans have to these series. One installment of the Defenders universe, The Punisher; was one of the last to be canned by the streaming service and fans like myself, would desperately love to see Frank Castle’s story live on elsewhere.

In an interview with TMZ, actor Jason R. Moore, who has played Curtis Hoyle for the two seasons of The Punisher, stated that while he can see The Punisher being picked up by another network, he isn’t sure if it would be the original cast involved:

“Man, let me tell you something.” Moore, who plays Curtis Hoyle, explained. “It’s going to be very difficult for them to collect all of us, like the original cast. It’s probably going to be very difficult for them to collect all of us again. But I mean, we’re going to be moving on to other stuff, we’ll be busy. But they might bring it on with a different cast. People enjoy it, The Punisher has a serious following, so I mean, it might behoove them to create more Punisher episodes. But yeah, that’s what I think.”

Royce Johnson, who has played Brett Mahoney ever since the first season of Daredevil, also commented to Comicbook.com:

“I mean, talking to [Marvel TV president] Jeph Loeb, I read that the memo had said, ‘To be continued’. There is a clause that I heard through rumor that we have to wait 18 months, up to two years.”

“Will we get the same people? We don’t know that,” the actor says about a continuation of the show. “I think they got together with a great team, I mean, with the writers, producers, editors, scorers, the stunt teams, everybody.”

As a fan of the show, I’m uneasy with this. Jon Bernthal is the Punisher and if it isn’t him playing Frank, Moore playing Curtis, Deborah Ann Woll playing Karen, or even Johnson playing Mahoney, I don’t really want it. The same goes with Charlie Cox playing Matt Murdock and Vincent D’Onofrio playing Wilson Fisk. You could, of course; get new villains. With *Spoilers* Billy Russo’s demise, it’s safe to say Ben Barnes wouldn’t be reprising his role, so perhaps you could bring in the actual Russian or even Barucuda, as even Bernthal had stated wanting to see once upon a time. As far as the core cast though, they’re the reason why we love these shows, so I can’t see the series lasting without them.

I am, of course; happy to see the actors get other work, as they’re immensely talented and deserve this, but you can’t have a Punisher series without them.

Johnson finally added:

“We’re thankful,” Johnson revealed to ComicBook.com. “We’re proud of the work that we did, and it may not be the end. Let’s stay hopeful. We all have to move along as actors, and there’s shows that its business. IT’s bigger than us, but we thank you for your support of choosing us to watch, and binge, and just to follow us, and show up at the comic cons, and things of that nature, and giving Jon [Bernthal, who played Frank Castle/Punisher] such praise. I mean, he was born to play this role, and I’m happy that I was a part of the project. And thank you guys, for supporting Marvel and Disney, you know?”

Source: CB